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Do you hear Him speaking?

Scripture is replete with examples of mankind hearing the voice of YHVH.  Do you? Do I?  Or has the Almighty gone mute and into retirement as far as your experience is concerned?  Absolutely not.  If we’re not hearing Him, it’s not because He isn’t speaking – but could it be that we simply aren’t listening or we’re not tuned in to Him?  I have spoken on this before, but our recent experiences have been replete with times we felt our Father was showing and telling us exactly what to do next.  It was fun.

I remember going to a neighbor’s home some years back, knocking on his door, calling out his name, but he never heard me. His TV was blaring so loud, and loud music playing as well, that he never heard my voice. Reminds me of what Yeshua says in Revelation 3:20 to the Laodiceans about “if anyone hears my voice…”.  We are a very noisy generation.  Yehowah spoke to the Israelites in a quiet wilderness.  He whispered to Elijah.  The Holy of Holies was a most quiet place – though outside the tabernacle was often a noisy place. So many saw and heard Him speak while in wilderness situations.  You might want to hear my sermon about “Your Wilderness Time” (June 2012).  Turn off the TV. Turn off the music once in a while. Enjoy the sound of silence. And you’ll be in a better position to hear His voice.

There have been other times where people were trying to talk to me but I didn’t hear them because I wasn’t trying to hear. My mind was somewhere else. So we have to tune in.  Yehowah was constantly telling Israel to “SHEMA – HEAR, O Israel….” – part of Deuteronomy 6:4.  It’s surprising how much more we hear when we focus our hearing, expect to hear something, and tilt our ears so we can hear.  

When we pray, is it a monologue of all our requests – or is it a dialogue?  For years now, during my prayers I often stop praying, and with pen and paper in hand, just suggest to Father that I’d like Him to speak now please and tell me what He wants me to hear.  Honestly sometimes nothing happens. But it’s simply astonishing how many times I start writing HIS words, HIS thoughts, HIS commands to me when I shut up for a few minutes and let Father speak through His Spirit. Try this. The first time you experience yourself unable to keep up with His words, you’ll be floored! This has happened to me many, many times now.   

Father also uses His holy Spirit to communicate with us in many other ways.  If we are praying “thy will be done on earth just like it is up there in heaven” – and really believe it – be prepared to see doors opening up and doors slamming shut, to your delight.  For example, recently we made a major decision to move our home and business  across the country. My wife and I told Father we wanted this to be HIS desire for us, His decision, and HIS will and to please slam shut the doors we were approaching if they weren’t HIS open doors. We asked Him to bless us with open doors HE wanted for us. Time and again we saw His providential hand every step of the way, and continue to do so.  When you combine that with a mind at peace and at rest regardless of what’s swirling around you, what a joy this becomes.  He who commanded the stormy Sea of Galilee to calm down was fast asleep moments before. His inside was at peace – and so what was happening outside didn’t bother Him.  

So listen to YHVH speak to you -- through open and shut doors.  Listen to Him speak to you – if you’ve asked Him to speak to you – through people, phone calls, conversations, circumstances, sermons, even through an ass (like Balaam’s ass) if need be. He will use even bad people to get a message across if need be. Remember when Caiaphas said it was better that just one man die instead of the whole nation?  God inspired that (John 11:49-52)!  He also spoke through Gamaliel (Acts 5:34-41).  Sometimes Father chooses children to speak to us, or lessons from nature and creation, or circumstances.  He doesn’t speak to us just through ministers.  But He certainly can and does use ministers as well. So listen. Be aware.


Who’s come into your life?  That’s not an accident if you are a child of the Highest. Even events we deem to be disasters that directly involve us – so often later we see those as ways our Father was telling us things we need to know or do. Open your ears, listen – He’s speaking His love and grace to you and me all the time. We need to be like a radio tuned in to His frequency – and He’ll come through loud and clear, and consistently.

For more on this topic, I have THREE sermons on “Hearing God’s Voice”.  Go to February 2009 for more. I recommend you print the transcripts and then listen to the audios with the transcripts in hand.  May Yehowah’s voice be clear to you as you learn to hone this wonderful gift of hearing Yehowah “speak” to you.  He is speaking. Now it’s time for you to hear His voice.  

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