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Are you ready for the coming financial crash?

It IS coming. It’s just a matter of when.

I recommend you watch this video:

Just copy and paste this into your URL and watch a well done presentation of where we are financially, not just in the USA, but in Europe, Israel and the rest of the world.  I don’t necessarily endorse everything the speaker has ever said, or everything he believes, or even everything in this video, but who am I?  I just feel it’s worth watching.  It appears we’re heading for 2008 all over again, only this time – much, much harsher.  It could happen this year. Or several years from now.  But all the forces are in play that could make a huge crash happen before the end of this calendar year.  Our national fiscal incompetence is about to hit us all hard.  Since most people still go to work every day, they don’t see the fiscal cancer that is growing at unprecedented rates behind the scenes.  Most of us, including me, simply don’t understand the complex interaction of so many forces at play. I know enough to say we need to wake up. 

What are a few of the over 2 dozen forces in play? 

•    Our world is much more interconnected that the average man on the street – or I – even realize. What happens in one country impacts us all eventually. 
•    China owns our national debt and could stop loaning us money and cash in its debt. 
•    Our national debt will soon be over $16 TRILLION as of July 1, 2012. 
•    There are steps afoot for world economies to drop the dollar as the world currency and come up with something new or different. This alone could be disastrous to us.
•    Several European countries are on the edge of economic collapse. Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland are among the least stable at present. If even just one of these goes bankrupt, the impact on our economy will be greater than the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008.
•    Cities and counties in the USA are on the edge of bankruptcy. Stockton, CA recently sent shockwaves.  San Jose and San Diego are on the edge.  Who’s next?  People’s confidence in their lifelong pension plans will soon be shot down.  Municipal and state governments have simply promised more than they can deliver. 
•    Banks in Europe are having to be bailed out.  Major banks’ credit ratings are being reduced. 
•    U.S. job growth is at a standstill.  Unemployment rates are stuck above 8%, and the true rate, counting the underemployed or those who have simply given up on finding a job, the real US unemployment number is somewhere between 16-20%, according to some. 
•    A growing demand to use something other than US dollars to pay for oil. At present, it is called the Petro Dollar System.  If this system ends, the US dollar will go into a rapid death spiral. That in turn will impact our economy in ways we can’t even foresee.  Some see this as the beginning of astronomical inflation rates.

Ultimately our faith is in our heavenly father. Having said that, I am not saying that means there is nothing we need to be doing. Joseph – when told there were 7 lean years of severe famine and financial collapse coming, used the 7 good years he had to prepare and save up.

Here are some suggestions:
•    FIRST and foremost: establish your closest possible relationship with our heavenly Father and our savior Jesus Christ (Yeshua).  Nothing else matters if this first point is in place. If you have this in place, neither does it mean we stop there.  I think – just like Biblical Joseph – there are things we can do.

•    Don’t add to your debt.
•    Pay off as much debt as you can. 
•    If you have a way to earn extra income now, do so.  What spending you do should be for absolute essentials and for coping in an emergency. 
•    I’m personally getting out of the stock market.  What you do is your decision. I’m not telling anyone what to do, just making suggestions of things you should ponder.
•    Have a ready cash supply on hand.

•    Stock up on non-perishable foods for a few months’ supply.  Ultimately our faith has to be in God, but we shouldn’t be foolish either. Have a supply of water and food to last you a while in short emergencies.  I personally buy dehydrated food packs from    Order now. In emergencies, they also run low! 

•    Have a supply of water, flashlights/batteries, food, lanterns, a ready back-up system of being able to stay warm and to cook food. (Camping stove and propane tanks?)
•    Basically be ready to keep on going if the power grid goes down, if there’s no heat, if there’s no running water, and it’s hard to get food for a few months.


Again, the main thing to be doing is drawing as near and close to our Creator and our Savior as you possibly can. Let’s repent of our shortcomings, our missing the mark, our errors, our sins, our lukewarmness, our apathy, and our splintered conditions among fellow believers.

Get ready now. Don’t wait. If I’m wrong – what harm has been done?  You’ll be in better shape financially.   If I’m right, you’ll be very grateful for the suggestions. Frankly there’s a side to me that hopes I’m wrong. But when I see scripture, I know the crash is coming.

We know that in times of crisis, major changes rapidly appear.  For example, there are already cries for a federal system for Europe, so that Brussels could govern the economies of what are now sovereign countries’ economies.  Add to this the rising power of China – financially, economically and militarily.  India is gaining dominance also.

We are on the verge of a major shaking of the entire world. But in the end, if our relationship with YHVH is where it should be, we know we have to first go through a dark, dark time in the coming years before we can look up and see the return of our King.  Our Father knows all about you, all about me, and He will take care of you and me if we do our part to stay close to Him.

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