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Are you a “Scatterer” – or a “Gatherer”?

Do you know that Yeshua (Jesus) says we’re one or the other? No middle ground. You and I are either scatterers or gatherers. Find out what defines that and find out which you are. It’s vital.

Life on earth and for all eternity is all about relationships. Our relationship with our heavenly Father is paramount. Our relationship with our Redeemer-Savior, His Son, determines everything. And here on earth, our relationship with our family – our spouse, our own children, our mom and dad, our siblings and other relatives – affects our joy and quality of life immensely and even involved in the 4th commandment. When any relationships is failing, there’s little joy and often painful anguish. Note the anguish of divorce, or when parent-child become estranged, or when siblings are not close.

On the other hand, nothing’s more beautiful, satisfying and fun to behold, than two sisters who like to do everything together. Or brothers acting as one, enjoying all things together with great joy. I just read a FB posting from a former college friend who reveled in being with his dad for the 4th of July weekend. I know the feeling because I was also a dad reveling in my own wonderful 4th of July weekend with one of my daughters and her family recently. (My other children are 3,300 miles away!)

Now here’s where the spiritual element comes in. Those whom Yehoweh calls “My people” are described in Scripture as being your spiritual brothers and sisters – if you’re one of His people. We should have the same father and the same mother spiritually. The results of that union produce people who are part of the same family. They’re brothers and sisters, “in Christ”. Though each person is unique in the entire universe, we who are of that one family subscribe to living according to the Way of the Family of God. But just like in physical families, there are often different styles, personalities and points of view within families that can cause separation and disunity. But they’re still your brother and sister. I wrote a BLOG a long time ago called “We don’t get to choose our brothers and sisters.”

The Adversary (that’s what “Satan” means) relishes in destroying relationships by getting us to focus on what divides us, rather than on what unites us. If you are estranged from a loved one, it’s not her or you or him behind it. Oh no, it’s far higher than that. It’s Satan and his spirit that wants to drive the thoughts and moods that lead to divorce or children being estranged from mom and dad. It’s the same spirit that drives the spread of ever more denominations – all claiming to serve the same God but who won’t have anything to do with one another. What should unite us is having the knowledge that spiritually we have the same father and His one spirit.

Let’s see what Yeshua, the head of God’s church, says. In context of demonic activity, and how Satan loves to bind people, Yeshua says this (and hence the title of this blog):

Luke 11:23

“He who is not with Me is against Me, and HE WHO DOES NOT GATHER with Me, SCATTERS.”

It’s one or the other. It appears to me that our Master is saying we can’t stand idly by on the sidelines on this matter. Either we are bringing people together – or we’re scattering, by virtue of our INACTION. We’re either helping to fix the massive hurts and divides out there, or –by doing nothing – we’re adding to the problem. This is not a spectator sport with Abba. We’ve got to be fully engaged in putting a spirit out there and actions out there that bring Yah’s children together.

The point of today’s blog is simple. I have a simple question I pose to each of us (including me!): WHAT ARE EACH OF US DOING to gather the people of Yehoweh together? Would Abba say you are “gathering” people together with Him, or – if we’re not gathering, are we basically aiding the Enemy in scattering His flock? Are you taking steps to be reunited with those from whom you are estranged – or do we do nothing, encouraging the divide to just get wider? Do we counsel friends to mend their broken marriage, or by our absence lead more to the scourge and tragedy of divorce? Are we imposing impossible requirements before we can agree to walk together? I also have a blog all about AMOS 3:3 and what that verse really means. Go find it. We don’t have to agree on every minute detail before we can agree to walk together. It’s all explained in that blog a while back.

I suggest this as your simple homework: ask yourself, ask your family – “what can I, what can we, start doing to be a “gatherer” of people with Christ, rather than doing nothing, which just encourages more scattering?” Ask yourself: “what am I doing to forge a stronger bond with my family, my dad, my daughter, my brother or my son? What am I doing to promote unity and harmony at work, in my neighborhood, at “church” and among the various denominations?”

With action guided by God’s spirit, you become a gatherer with Christ. No divinely guided action means you’re a scatterer. So let’s wake up and start recognizing our brothers and sisters, even those with different outlooks and personalities.

Are you a gatherer with Christ -- or are you a scatterer with the Adversary and his wolves (John 10:12-13)?

Satan loves to divide. He’s the Adversary. He’s the Slanderer, and all who promote the spread of slander or defamation or division and separation, are playing right into his hands. Can you imagine the slander used against Rahab, against BatSheva (Bathsheba), and even against the Messiah? I’ve spoken about all of the above in recent full length sermons on this website.

If you’d like to learn more about this vital topic, HEAR THE 5-part “ONE BODY” SERIES of sermons which started in November 2009. The series will also suggest steps by which you can become a gatherer. In the matter of church break-ups, for example, I encourage you to visit across denominational lines. Pastors have to understand you will not be separated from your brothers and sisters in Christ because of political feuds between pastors, for example! Be very wary of ministers who threaten you with expulsion if you visit outside of their own man-made organizational walls.

Our Head is Yeshua (Col. 1:15-18) – not the pastor. We belong to Christ (Mark 9:41), not any man-made organization. Don’t ever say you “belong to” this or that church or organization. No, no, no. They didn’t buy you -- or have they? Frankly many are “bought” by being given positions and opportunities in that fellowship, which appeal to one’s pride. NO! You were bought with the blood of the Lamb of God! HE paid the price and bought you and me, and so we belong to HIM.


John 10:14-16

“I am the good shepherd; and I know My sheep, and am known by My own.

As the Father knows Me, even so I know the Father; and I lay down My life for the sheep.

And OTHER SHEEP I have which are NOT of THIS fold; them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice; and there WILL be ONE FLOCK and one shepherd.”

There shall be one flock. There shall be one body. There shall be one family of YHVH. There shall be just one Bride. That flock, that body, that family, and that Bride of Christ will surely not be composed of people who for the most part, want nothing to do with one another. Surely people with that attitude will NOT be part of “the Bride” of Christ.

But perhaps you and I are being called to be part of the Bride of Christ - - IF, IF we open your eyes and show the world that indeed we are disciples of the holy Christ, evidenced by the amazing love we have for one another (John 13:33-34).

By our spirit-led actions we are a gatherer. With inaction, we are a scatterer.

We’ve got our work cut out for us. Let’s start by seeking Him who gathers all people into one, and ask Him to inspire us in steps that please Him and will bring His blessing on our actions to become a gatherer of the united children of the Great Most High living God. Do I hear an “amen” in your heart?



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